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Oost-Otago (Itiagu)

Never done before: the first purchased country, a first for the whole Vex and a harbinger of things to come.

The unprecedented acquisition of a total of 10% of the originally-chartered TDCorp territory by the BWA in exchange for a most significant quantity of Westrian zasters, one of the hardest currencies on the Vex, and wide-ranging commercial permits and privileges for TDCorp and our associated companies put us on a sound footing and gave us access to the biggest market on the planet. Westria´s prosperity was assured through the long-term availability of leading-edge telecoms and transport infrastructure and financial services, and one of the most solid and mutually-beneficial business relationships in history was started on the right footing.

An extraordinary offshoot of a routine border sweep gave rise to a story that gripped the Vex and showed that, unexpectedly, we have a heart after all.

"That We have seen that the Doctors and indeed all those who call themselves TDCorp posess the gift of conquering the Flower, and that Our most ancient beliefs signal those of pure heart as the only ones able to defeat the Power;

Thus this Truth has been seen by the Elders of WWWW; that upon the shoulders of Doctors the fate of the people now rests...".

Arostructure plc

The fortunate conjunction of a young, striving nation and a rising technological power.

"AroStructure PLC, with an initial capital of V 339,480,000,000 (ARO 4,000,000,000; CHC 4,000,000,000 ) has begun its operations auspiciously with a successful bid to connect the TDCorp-managed multiconduits in the New Territories with the ongoing BellWestria telephone extension projects in western Woo. Many other projects, including the modernization of the SAR network covering mining and ore processing operations in the northwestern part of the New Territories, are currently among the great possibilities awaiting the young corporation"


Making history



TDCorp has been a vibrant part of Vexillian history since our company´s inception as a response to the Otago crisis. We pioneered such concepts as privatization of basic services, land purchases, private peacekeeping, multimodal humanitarian assistance, and contracted operation of national infrastructure, accelerating technology uptake and welfare for Vexillians of many nations. In these pages some of the most important of our projects can be reviewed.






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