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Financial Services

A description of the territory under our administration, its geography and climate, and some of our basic numbers can be found in these pages.

Stockholders and investors can find information on the Chilangotitlán Stock Exchange (CHSE), the Money and Capital Exchange of Chilangotitlán (MONCAPX) and other important services delivered by our allied companies both in TDCorp territory and all over Vexillium.

As a part of our global business strategy, TDCorp maintains contact with other nations and entities in Vexillium, thorugh the internationally accepted practice of receiving diplomatic personnel in Chilangotitlán and other cities in the territory under our management. This practice has been augmented by introducing information links for these entities in our TDNet portal.

TDCorp provides all nations and equivalent entities who wish to establish contact offices in our territory with both physical office space in all locations, and with virtual presence on TDNet for instant access in every population center in TDCorp territory and all over Vexillium.

Along with the basic infrastructure, conflict resolution, and human-capital investment services, TDCorp offers an array of special services such as contact with other entities' governments or government equivalents, consulting services for new investors, private and corporate banking, air and ground transport, and our ongoing privatization program for former Otagan government properties and services.

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In keeping with our corporate objectives, TDCorp provides a variety of services to its stockholders and to foreign investors who may want to take advantage of the many opportunities that both TDCorp and other corporations in our region offer for business.

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